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Total Health Card

Terms & Conditions
1. The Total Health Card is not a Credit Card.
2. Total Health Card membership benefits are neither transferable nor en-cashable.
3. You cannot earn reward points when you use a credit note or a gift voucher. Points will not be awarded on discounted products and on purchases made on schemes running time to time.
4. No two schemes can be combined together.
5. Total Health Card remains the property of Global Healthline at all times. Please return the same, if required. Global Healthline will not be responsible for any points redeemed against a lost/stolen card. It is the card holder’s responsibility to communicate the loss of the card within 48 hrs to the 98.4°® store where the card was issued from. A new card will be issued only after a payment of Rs. 100.
6. The Total Health Card program / terms and conditions may be modified or withdrawn at any time, at the discretion of Global Healthline without giving rise to any claims, damages and without being responsible for compensation for any unredeemed points.
7. In case of any dispute, decision of Global Healthline, would be final and binding.

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